Single Stock Essences

The Creative Soul Essence range is what I have been making over the past three years during and after my training. All have been intuitively made by myself in The Lake District and the rural countryside in Central Portugal. I use this range on clients alongside other ranges and they are also for sale as single stock essences. Please contact me to order any of the range below, or a combination bottle of up to four.

Cactus of Love

This essence is a dreamy heart chakra opener which brings in lots of love and light. It helps you to follow your heart and trust things will fall into place. It also brings relationships together, so great for all the family to use if things are getting tense. Sunlight and full moon energy went into the making of this essence. “Make love the priority”. Brings kids back to a place of love.

In the negative: relationships are struggling, people are arguing. Fear is kicking in. Life is difficult and disconnected.

Common Vetch

Helps you to connect to your spiritual self/ your intuition and grow and move forward quite rapidly. It gives angelic protection around you while you grow, grounding you. Great for mediation. Listen to your intuition!

In the negative: Feel like you are on a the edge of a breakthrough but can’t quite connect to what is in your heart or what your inner voice is telling you.


This was made with some beautiful large Daisys that were everywhere in the spring in the English Lakes district. The daisy essence brings light and joy to tedious situations which you may feel during parenting. Great for initiating play and relaxing (with kids). Fun summer energy. Helps to start play, laughter and adventures.

In the negative: Bored,. Tedious. Find parenting hard work. Exhausted. Irritable.

Fig Tree

The fig tree helps you trust your purpose and nurture it. It supports you to move forward with new creative projects. Has lots of sun/ source creative energy. Connects you to new ideas for your path ahead and gives strength and confidence to try them. Helps you step up into your purpose which will create never ending opportunities and abundance. Brings higher wisdom, guides and protects.

In the negative: Not trusting in yourself fully to step up into new ideas. Not trusting new ideas will work. Lack mentality.

Lady's Smock

This essence enables trust for multi-passionate people. It supports your ideas and helps you to trust they will enfold when the time is right. It helps to bring ideas together and decide what are the most important for you to follow your path/ purpose at that time and take action. Helps to put things in perspective. Pioneer energy.

In the negative: Stuck in your head. Ideas going round and round with no action. Distracted and frustrated

Lesser Periwinkle

The lesser Periwinkle is like a portal through to the pineal gland/ third eye. It is a cleanser which brings a clear head and clears your thoughts. Cleanses negative energies. Great one to take when using or after being around radiation from EMF’s. Gives you a sense of knowing and to hear your inner voice. Great for kids after of before screen time to clear their energies and transition between worlds easier.

In the negative: being affected my negative energies including EMF’s. Might have headaches or loss on concentration. Disconnected from nature.

Lesser Stitchwort

This essence gives a fun, pretty and cute energy. It’s energy helps to express your emotions in a positive way like with an almost mediterranean feel. Helps you to be bright loving and caring and shine as the fun beautiful star you are. Transforms situations. Helps children to express emotions and receive the loving understanding they need.

In the negative: Stuck in a dark place. Shies away from things. Not listening to your true calling but listening and being influenced my others energies.

Lush Life

This is an environmental essence to help you feel worthy to live the life you dream of. It is a great starting point, a catalyst to move forward. It opens you many fantastic opportunities and brings excitement about the future. Think lush greenness, life and summer growth. It’s also great for teenagers to realise their potential and shine through.

In the Negative: feeling stuck and unworthy. Feel like you have unrealistic goals. Can’t break away into something new. Know you aren’t living your potential.


The Olive tree essence helps you to rest, refocus and revitalise yourself. Helps you to create the space you need to nourish yourself before taking care of other people. Great for mothers who are doing too much and not taking time for themselves. Aids slow parenting. Helps create serenity and minimalist beauty in your life and taking things slow.

In the negative: Feeling haggard, worn-down, no time for self, bitter.


This strong and beautiful plants essence promotes a wild, strong and firm quality in us alongside a nurturing and gentle approach. Helps you to be strong and grounded and know your own and others boundaries so that you can support all and go forward with love. In this respect it is good for mothers. Also helps nurture but tame a wild mother/ father – give you the ability to stay wild whilst nurturing children. For children it helps their wildness stay strong but helps them to set their own boundaries with strength and kindness.

In then negative: Finds hard to set boundaries. Self sacrificing. Soul is crushed.


The essence of Selenite is for very sensitive souls like new mothers and babies who are very vulnerable. Helps to connect to a nurturing, calm and peaceful energy. Puts nurturing and protecting energy around people. Promotes a warm and calm feeling, great for sleep. For children it brings an angelic energy and is very soothing.

In the negative: Not feeling safe. Being affected by negative energies. Finding earth energies difficult to get used to (for babies).


This is an essence to help you to emerge out of the darkness and bring your light into the world. It is a great one for new mothers or people in new situations who have been in a cocoon and are merging out and trying to find themselves in their new situation. It helps to embrace the changes to yourself and find your new tribe. For kids it can help them settle into a new place and find friends.

In the negative: Feels like they are in darkness and want to go back to their old life (possibly before child). Not embracing new gifts the new situation (or child) are bringing. Alone and confused.

Star Argonite

Star Argonite is for keeping balance during unusual change. It aids change by helping you to realise you can make the changes you want to make to yourself but don’t have the belief it can happen. “There is always another way”. Helps to stop negative self-talk and conditioning so you can move forward. Helps kids to believe in themselves and not have to be the same as everyone else.

In the negative: So want to make changes but find it hard to ignore your negative self talk and self limitations. Still stuck in old patterns.