My first blog post about essences – to be honest it’s a little scary! Writing about something like this isn’t something I am used to but now I have made the commitment and decision to share my essences and how I make them as I feel they are so beneficial to all.

I would like to share a bit about how I make the essences I do. The past few years, learning about essences has taken me on a journey. I guess a kind of shamanic journey on connecting with myself and my intuition and learning how to communicate with the plant/ natural world and trust the information. It seems a little woo woo when I say communicating with the plant world but that is exactly what I have learned to do and it’s so amazing and life changing doing this, trusting the information that comes to me and then feeling that the essences do work. It’s not me, you have to let go of your ego in this work, it’s just me who brings the healing qualities that the plant world wants to share with us to physical form.

So now I would like to share a pretty powerful essence I made a few months back. I was pretty stressed and over worked and not looking after myself and I felt one of my sons was too as his asthma was back again (it’s on and off). A spiritual friend of mine who had visited last year had said to me that the Eucalyptus trees on our land wanted to connect with me, but to be honest I had completely forgotten about it. But then I suddenly felt like I needed to connect with this tree and that is would help us all cleanse our bodies of things we didn’t need anymore. I couldn’t stop thinking about it – this is what happens when I make an essence – sounds crazy but the plant/ tree/ crystal literally calls me to go and work with them!

I made the eucalyptus essence and had some myself and then very soon after I went deeply into a massive and very strong bout of flu and chest infection. It was a massive spring clean both physically and mentally and I was in bed and out of action for the best part of a week! It was tough and brought about many lifestyle realisations and dark times. But… every time I closed my eyes I could see the big Eucalyptus tree standing over me guiding me to what I needed – the remedies that would heal me out of the state I was in and to trust all was well and that this is was needed.

Out of the other side I truly felt cleansed not just in body but in my emotions and thoughts. A big spring clean at just the right time of year and as I had been cleansed food wise from not eating for a few days I decided to start on a gut healing diet for the family and us all taking the eucalyptus essence I think helped make this transition to a better diet smoother. This is what I love about essences, they can be so powerful yet gentle and supportive too and only as powerful as each individual can handle. For example my sons had also been taking the eucalyptus essence but no flu for them, just a mild cough that cleared up very quickly and the found the transition to a healthier diet easy¬† and accepted it well which isn’t usual as they like their sweet things and carbs!

It is a new essence though and I like to use them quite a few times to work them out, but it seems that the eucalyptus essence leads us to what we need to cleanse our bodies and lives with ease and knowing. It has really seemed to help my sons asthma and for him to really accept what foods are and aren’t good for this. For me it just helped to have a massive cleanse and made me realise that making time for myself is important and also helped me to change my diet for healing my body – something which I have talked about for a long time.