Another amazing journey that a plant has taken me on this week! The Cherry Tree! We, as a family have been having Cherry Trees pop into our lives the past few weeks. We went to see a cherry farm ( a possible business opportunity but not right for us) last week and we are also going to look at a home school project for the kids named Cherry Tree School and it was actually my husband who said – I wonder what Cherry Trees symbolise as they seem to be popping up around us at the moment! I realised he was right and have been thinking about cherry trees since!

Then this week I really felt called to make an essence with the Cherry Tree and wondered about asking around friends to see if they had one on their land as we didn’t (or so i thought!). I didn’t ask as I thought it would turn up if it was meant to and then the day later, which was actually the day after the May full moon my sons were playing on the trampoline and my 4 year old asked me to lift him off. He said ‘mummy did you see what we are going to be able to eat soon’ and pointed to a cherry tree, just a small one growing out of the bank next to the trampoline – and we had never realised it was!!! It was one of those moments where you just feel like ‘what the….?’!!! An amazingly connected moment 🙂

The funny thing is that I keep feeling that on our land, which is only just under 1 hectare, I feel we have everything we need to heal our family and that there are so many plants to connect with an essences to make! They keep showing themselves to me one by one when they are needed in our family life. We’ve been thinking about moving on from our little off-grid piece of land here in rural Portugal and there are many reason to but in my heart I feel I am meant to be here and that it is such a special place vibrationally.

So I made the essence of the Cherry Tree today and bottled it up tonight. When making the essences I meditate on it and write down what comes to me. This essence I felt comes to put roots down for an abundant and bountiful life. It helps you bring out the fruits of your labour and to bring about realisation of your blessings. This is truly what we need right now. Our life on the off-grid farm isn’t so easy but I think this could help us focus on all the great things we have in our life and to make decisions in a positive way to manifest abundance! Yay! x

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