What I love about flower/ vibrational essences is that they can be used on anyone with great results. Children and pets with their pure energies being so close to source energy anyway, pick up and heal so quickly with the use of essences.

Family life has many challenges and I have found the use of essences has pushed us through many issues and health problems we have had to face. I would like to share some of the essences I have used often on my kids and family, for common issues, as well as some of the essences I have made with my family or children in mind.

Lightbringer Essence – Herb Paris – This is a great one for getting over illness. ‘On a practical level, Herb Paris is for use where there is illness and dysfunction; where the systems of one’s body are ill-at-ease and uncoordinated; where the overall structure of the body as a whole entity needs support and cohesion.’

Lightbringer Essence – Soul Full – This essence brings you back to who you really are and is great for sensitive babies and children (and adults) who do not feel safe to be here or be fully who they are.

Lightbringer Essence – Animal Support – This is a great essence for helping your pets during times of upset and upheaval to help them feel safe and supported.

Bach Rescue Remedy – This is the most famous essence around and is seen in many high street pharmacies in the UK. Great for anxiety and calming children. ‘Also perfect for those everyday stressful moments as well as life-changing events’. A must have for all parents to have in their bag. You can also get Nighttime Rescue Remedy to aid sleep 🙂

Bach Holly – ‘Holly is for those who have feelings of extreme jealousy and/or are envious and suspicious.’ This is great for sibling rivalry or when children can get quite angry with parents or other people.

Bach Walnut – ‘Walnut remedy will help if you face major life changes and are in need of some protection from the influence of others.’ – This is a fab one for the little ones to cope with changing stages of their lives and especially for toddlers and younger children who often want to exert their own will and get frustrated with boundaries that are set.

Bailey Essence – Childhood – This is great for parents to set themselves free of childhood conditioning so that they can parent their children with love and understanding. ‘Helps to free energies that have been blocked since childhood. For those locked in childhood patterns.’

Creative Soul Essences

There have been a few essences I have been called to make that have greatly helped our family move forward. I’d like to share how they helped us so that they can aid other family’s healing too.

Cactus of Love – made at a time when we were moving home and it was stressful and our relationships were strained. I made this essence and it was to ‘make love the priority’ and heal our relationships by opening our heart chakras.

Daisy – This essence is a playful one which helps to bring the fun back into parenting when it is feeling tedious.

Lesser periwinkle – Great for clearing the pineal gland and get rid of negative energies – particularly great for the whole family after the use of screens.

Olive – made to help rest and revitalise -Great for mothers who are doing too much and not taking time for themselves. Aids slow parenting.

Rosemary – Helps you to be strong and grounded and know your own and others boundaries so that you can support all and go forward with love. Great for mothers to set boundaries but also for children to know their own boundaries too.

Selenite – creates a calm and nurturing space – perfect for newborns and new mothers to protect the space.

Snowdrop – Perfect for mums who are coming out of the baby cocoon and trying to find their new selves as a mother. Helps to find yourself in new situations.

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