Combination Essences

Combination essences are a range of my single essences put together to help with specific situations or obsticles. They come in 20ml essences or 50ml aura/ environment sprays. The essences are to be used like all others, in drinks, directly on skin, in your bath, in creams and sprays or even in interior paint!
The sprays are less versatile and are to be used to change the energy in your direct environment. The sprays also include essential oils to give a gentle scent too.

Embracing the New

This combination is great for major life changes and helping you to ease through this. This could be moving, travelling, having a new baby and more..

Included: Star Argonite, Common Vetch, Snowdrop, Selenite, Lush Life

Happy Place

This combination does exactly what it say on the tin, it takes you to a happy place of love, joy, opportunities and play!

Included: Daisy, Cactus of Love, Lesser Stitchwort, Lush Life

Creative Powerhouse

This is when you need to get into the zone and create. Helps you see opportunities, stay confident, connect to your inner self to bring ideas forward and take action.

Included: Lush Life, Lady’s Smock, Star Argonite, Lesser Periwinkle, Fig Tree


Take this little combo and it will help you to relax, retreat, reconnect with yourself and move forward in peace and joy.

Included: Olive, Common Vetch, Selenite, Cactus of Love, Fig Tree

Sensitive Soul

This combination essence is for those who are sensitive to outside influences – environmental and other people. It helps to form a protective bubble around you with love and light. Keeps over sensitive children calm and aids sleep and rest.

Included: Lesser Periwinkle, Daisy, Lesser Stitchwort, Cactus, Selenite

Relationship Rescue

For when any relationships are under strain, this essence will help you to take the time you need and honour peoples boundaries, then come back to a place of love where you can reconnect.

Included: Rosemary, Cactus of Love, Olive, Star Argonite, Lesser Stitchwort 

Clear Mind Spray

A great spray for those who work around computers or surrounded by technology a lot. It helps you to detox from negative EMF and other energies and connect to yourself again. Also helpful to use for children whilst using screens to create a bridge back to the real world.

Included: Lesser Periwinkle, Lesser Stitchwort and Rosemary essential oil