About Essences

I love essences so much. They are such a gentle and deep and lasting healing method to bring you forward on your souls path. They help you stumble over blocks in your path, by gently pushing you forward with their different energies. Essences come from plants, rocks, crystals or environments. They are essentially the essence of something, the energy that thing gives off, I guess like it’s soul. These energies are here to heal but they are only starting to become unlocked. You know when you walk through a forest, hug a tree (if you haven’t you really should!), look at a tiny flower in your path, touch a bold, big and beautiful flower, hold a crystal in your hand, all of them make you feel something and if you really tune in they can help you to heal in a profound way.

Taking the essence from something and imprinting it in spring water changes the molecules in the water and makes the essence, which then is preserved and made into a healing vibrational essence. And since 70% of our bodies are made up from water – taking these essences is literally changing our bodies energies. It’s magic but also quite straight forward too. Nature is magic!

If you tune into vibrational essences and get the right ones for you they can completely transform your world.They can move you away from fear, block by block and into a life you love to live. They can transform fear, frustration, anger, attachment and other negative things that hold us back and promote peace, confidence, heal relationships, aid intuition, help release emotions and most of all help you live from a place of LOVE x

The essence range I have made has been made along my journey of moving into the life I love for my family and myself. Each essence has been what myself and my family have needed at that time along our journey of transformation, moving into a totally different dream life. I really think this range can help others trying to move out of ‘conventional’ lifestyles and into the lives they dream of. There are also essences I have made that would be specifically great at supporting parents and children. Most of the essence range states separately how it is especially good for helping children.


Using Essences

Essences are so versatile – they are often thought of as a medicine as you can take them as drops in your mouth, however this is not the only way. You can add them to drinks, put them straight onto your skin, in your bath, in homemade creams or sprays or even in your room paint to bring that essence into your home environment. This makes it easy for people of all ages and people who wouldn’t like to consume the alcoholic preservative.
Single Stock essences can be mixed into another combination essence with up to five essences.
Prescription essences are often to be taken (or used) a certain amount of times per day and a certain amount of drops – this will be told to you during your consultation.
With the aura sprays they are to be sprayed around your aura or environment to change the energy around you.


All essences are preserved with honey infused brandy and made with spring water and the vibrational essence.
Sprays are preserved with vodka and made with spring water, essential oils and various vibrational essences.

My Story

Hey – I am Hatti. I am a mother to two home educated boys and I live on an off-grid farm in central Portugal where we are building a family retreat specifically for families who are travelling and looking for new ways of living. We are from the English Lake District and also travel there each year to spend time there and be with our friends and family. I have been interested in holistic living and health since my mid twenties when I had a bit of a breakdown (or a breakthrough I guess!). I am a bit of a sensitive soul and years of partying and being cut off from my intuition, brought me to a place where I had to evaluate things. I spent the last half of my twenties exploring lots of holistic healing methods and I trained in crystal healing, indian head massage and reiki. I ‘found’ myself more and more and even more so when I became a mother for the first time.

I did use flower essences a little but it wasn’t until the birth of my second son when I was 30 that my world was turned upside down and I found the magic of essences. The first essence I used after my son was born was one that was made from my placenta – I had actually forgotten about it and fell into post natal depression, then I remembered I had had it made and a week after taking it everyday my darkness had lifted so much. I then found a fab flower essence practitioner in the Lakes and was prescribed more essences which brought me more and more out of the darkness and back into the world, giving me more and more confidence to know who I was again. Helping me find myself as a mother again and to navigate our new world which at the time for many reasons had been turned upside down ( I now realise this was both myself and my husbands Saturn Return). I then knew I wanted to learn more about these amazing energies in nature and spent the next 2-3 years studying and learning about the essences. Along the journey of learning, each essence I tested through my studies, or that I felt called to make, pushed me forward on my journey and now I am living a life I never ever thought I would be living three years ago. I really feel they have changed our life and pushed us forward into our dreams.

My essence range has all been made in magical and beautiful settings in both The English Lake District and the stunning natural scenery in rural Central Portugal. Some have been made under a full moon and all with my nurturing and love.

I now really want to share the magic I have found in these essences with others who want to move forward and transform themselves, their health, their happiness, their confidence, their creativity, their intuition, their relationships, their family, their…… LIFE! x

More things about me….

I am a reiki master and have trained in crystal healing level one and indian head massage. I am also a graphic designer over at Creative Soul Design. I am a home maker and love making food for people. Me and my eldest son love to make fermented food together and with my youngest I love climbing the big rocks near our home. I have two dogs and a kitten and dreams of chickens and bees! I do everything for my boys and the future generation, I try to get them involved and inspire them to live their dreams everyday.